Monday, January 17, 2011

Rabbi Kraines Podcast - Desmond Tutu and the Holocaust Foundation

Rabbi Kraines discusses the controversy over removing Desmond Tutu from the Holocaust Foundation

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  1. Rabbi Kraines makes an impassioned plea to give Desmond Tutu a pass and thus allow him to retain his position on The Holocost Foundation,despite the fact that Tutu is an infamously bellicose anti-zionist and not too hot on The Jews either. Rabbi Zeev argues that because he is an icon amongst South Africa's Black Community, who would perceive such a move as just simply an attack on their "saint", The Reverend Tutu; it would be counter-productive to clear out his desk at the Holocost Foundation.
    I cannot agree with Rabbi Kraines at all. The so called Reverend Tutu should never be given the mantle of The Holocost Foundation in which to spew out his anti-Israel/Anti-Jewish vitriolic slander. Perhaps the board can be expanded to include other icons The Jewish Community has qualms about scratching. It is appeasement and appeasement has never paid off for us. I'll wager that Rabbi Kraines grew up as a leftist and is a "peace now" supporter or at least was, in the past. Oslo failed Varren. Or have you not heard. Perhaps you need a trumpka.

  2. To: Rabbi Zeev Kraines
    fr: Warren Kraco

    When I graduated from High School I got up before the entire student body, as a protest to this sort of thing(the appeasment you advocate here), because I had something very important to say.
    After such a start in life, what are we saying here exactly Rabbi? What are you implying? What are you insinuating? What are you inferring? If you know.

    1. Firstly, hello to an anonymous blast from my past, as in my Clark Kent identity I am indeed Warren Kraco. The gauntlet has been thrown from myself to myself and I accept the challenge.

      The spark of zealotry still burns within me, but with the years I have learned how to strategize and not sieze every stage and microphone. In the immortal words of Clint Eastwood "Don't get mad, get even".

      I agree that Tutu is an absurd candidate for the Holocaust board, but I am proposing that it is strategic to not flare up a counterproductive issue around it.

      As I say, it is a strategy. I am willing to concede that I may be calling it wrong and taking a misguided lead of appeasement from Neville Chamberlain. Only time will tell...

      Thank you for the challenge.

  3. Warren Kraines class of '72 Fairfax High, I remember your outburst @ the Hollywood Bowl, Wow.


    Eli Cherner
    Laurel Elemantary
    Bancroft Jr High
    Fairfax High

  4. We were together in Bancroft as well, but not at Laurel (I moved from Baldwin Hills before Jr. High). I remember your name, but can't connect it to a common class or conversation. Can you spark a memory?